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I overheard someone today talking about how wonderful it is that women have come so far and that it’s amazing we’ve achieved such equality! Post-feminist, huh?

Footbinding was a practice that used to be performed in China in which a woman’s foot would be permanently deformed at birth forcing her to hobble around in pain for the rest of her life. Footbinding was done because it was beautiful and desirable to men. Women now are mostly required to wear heels in varying amounts, which prevent them from walking normally, causing them to hobble around in pain sometimes causing permanent harm. These dangerous contraptions make it very easy to fall and snap an ankle. Heels make women more desirable and beautiful to men by as someone on Jersey Shore said, “stickin’ that booty all up in the air.” Both practices prevent women from escaping from rapists and attackers and otherwise dangerous situations.

People continue to be horrified at the idea of genital mutilation on women, where a woman’s sex organs will be hacked up so that sex will be painful for the rest of her life. There are many organizations dedicated to stopping this horrifying practice. This is so she will not want to cheat and the man will own her and her sexuality. Where is the motivation to cheat if sex is horribly painful? Labioplasty and vaginal rejuvenation are “elective” surgeries that allow women to take their naturally “ugly droopy” labia or their “too loose from childbirth” vaginas and transform them into what porn and men say is beautiful. The surgery can cause women to either lose sensation or to cause nerve damage or other damage that will make sex, masturbation, etc… painful for the rest of her life. Just for aesthetics, a woman can ruin her ability to enjoy sex or masturbation or worse, make it painful.

Corsets used to be worn to forcibly shape a woman into the ideal silhouette, often causing ribs to break and such deformities that she has difficulty breathing, walking, or even living. All just to achieve the ideal silhouette. Nowadays women cut their flesh open and fill it with toxic balloons, suck out their own flesh, break bones to reshape them, and other horrendous things just to fit the ideal silhouette. This can cause life-threatening infections, nerve-damage, and other horrors that come from extremely invasive surgery. Furthermore, in the case of things like breast implants, fatty tissue is much more likely to become severely infected than lean tissue.

Women used to not have the option to use birth control. In many parts of the world today, women are still beaten, sometimes to death, if it’s discovered that they used birth control. Women used to have no choice or option in their own reproduction. Nowadays, there are loud and well-funded groups trying as hard as they possibly can to hold us captive to our reproductive abilities, threatening to throw us in jail if we exercise control of our own bodies.

I don’t even have a then and now for this, women and children are still sold into sex slavery.

Women used to be denied jobs on the grounds of being women. Nowadays women are denied equal pay for the same jobs on the grounds of being women. Asshats such as Warren Farrell are able to get away with this by claiming that all women are lazy and cowardly, refusing to take risks, and only want to have babies. And that women who have babies deserve less pay and worse insurance for choosing to procreate. Men shouldn’t have to pay for women’s choices and organizations (despite women still having to support prisons, which are almost entirely male-occupied and the military, which we are not supposed to participate in, and wars, which mostly men start). This makes a best-seller as propaganda for the patriarchy.

It used to be that woman-hating and abuse was performed behind closed doors. It’s not something people openly talked about. You could purchase women to have sex with (just like you can today) you could pay an enormous amount for slightly risqué photos, you could watch them dance. Nowadays, with three clicks online you can view the torture and abuse of women for your masturbation pleasure. Anytime, anywhere, on your phone, computer, newsstands, grocery stores, etc… you can purchase/find the abuse and rape of women. This is entertainment and fun. The rape and encouragement of rape of women is everywhere. Women who don’t openly embrace their own abuse are exiled, called prude, threatened. Women are now encouraged to embrace their own rape and abuse.

Nowadays rapists are celebrated among their peers and rape victims are shamed and further abused. They are told that by existing they allowed the rape to happen. If they didn’t want to be raped, they shouldn’t have worn a dress, shouldn’t have kissed him, shouldn’t be out after dark, etc… Rapists get away with raping on the grounds that they are men. The only taboo is if you beat them to within an inch of their life, or raping small children (but you can rape children so long as you say she wanted it). The only improvement is that now law pretends to care by writing in a vague and unenforcible law. There is a slight improvement that they pretend it’s illegal to rape your wife, a recent “improvement” that is rarely enforced.

So really, I’m curious. Give me one aspect of life where women are completely equal with men. I cannot think of a single one. Until then, post-feminism is a ridiculous myth meant to silence women from demanding equal rights.


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  1. Fantastic post, the so called “equality” means that white men have the entitlement to continue belittling, oppressing and pissing on anyone who is not white, able bodied and male.

    To paraphrase Anne Summers, one can not have equality in an expedient, exploitative system.

  2. NinjaGeek said:

    Footbinding and High_heels are NOTHING alike! A female chooses to wear high-heels. My wife doesn’t wear high-heels. Society tells us a lot of bullshit, but it is up to us to choose what we follow or don’t.

    – Both practices prevent women from escaping from rapists and attackers and otherwise dangerous situations.
    YES, High-heels were created by men as a tool to prevent women from escaping attack. DO you realize how ridiculous this accusation is!

    Female Circumcision and Labioplasty are ALSO NOTHING alike!
    Tribes force young girls into mutilation, Labioplasty is the choice of a female again bowing to a media based society of appearance. NO different than men getting penis injections to try and “appease the female and societal pressures of being well endowed.
    The surgery can cause women to either lose sensation or to cause nerve damage or other damage that will make sex, masturbation, etc… painful for the rest of his life. Just for aesthetics, a man can ruin his little ability to enjoy sex or masturbation.

    Botox, Collagen, implants, and all those other ridiculous surgeries are again elective, I don’t know why women think having an induced stroke or a baboons ass on their face has ever been attractive, TV and society make fun of this all the time! Implants are ridiculous and not all men like big breast. Men also get implants, surgeries, and other things done to try and make themselves attractive to women because society and women tell them they have to be young stud’s with muscles and a huge penis and it’s harder for men because women are the shot callers in the first place so it’s more of an uphill battle. Most of the surgeries women get actually make them look worse. Meg Ryan is a perfect example. The problem with you argument is the people who get these things done are the shallow stupid people who have nothing more to offer the world so they try and hang on to their looks as much as they can. The shallow are desperately trying to attract the shallow.

    “Equal pay for the same jobs”
    This one always makes me cringe… A female cop with the same job title as a male cop and wants the same pay as the male should first be required to do the exact job requirements as the male. This includes taking down large suspects and lifting the same weight for example. But this is not usually the case… therefore even though the titles are the same, the job itself is different. The same goes for Firefighters and other jobs requiring strength. On the other side of the coin… WOMEN get paid more as teachers, occupational therapists, dieticians and nutritionists, and life, physical, social science and health technicians as well as many others but you never hear complains about making those equal. It seems as though feminist want the things they don’t but are ok with the things they have but men don’t. Fighting for equality means both ends.

    I can not give you examples of where women are completely EQUAL with men but I can give you dozens of examples where women are over men. As I did earlier. But feminist groups ignore those and point out only the examples where there are still oppression.

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