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On an interesting post today someone made the point that menstruation and pregnancy are the closest thing a woman gets to male privilege. At first my feminist sense tingled in anger, what sort of terrible drug was this person on? However, after reading a little, it was certainly an interesting point. The post was in response to an ad that showed women on their periods as hairy barbarians. Offensive? Very. These hormones women get turn normally subservient docile women into hostile (HA), controlling, demanding, and irrational people. In short, into men. And it’s the one time in a woman’s life that she is allowed to blame it on biology, like a man can blame his bad behavior on every other moment of his entire life.

Any time a man behaves badly towards anyone, evolutionary psychology and biology are brought up. Of course men are promiscuous! It’s in our biology! Of course we cheat. It’s our DNA. We can’t help that we love to watch porn we’re hardwired to like it! We can’t help it if we rape, it’s how we proliferated before society. It’s not our fault we’re obnoxious and dominating, it’s genetic! Etcetera, etcetera.

One time per month a woman erupts into a “barbarian” according to them. Much to male discontent women appear to grump around, moping, crying, yelling, having mood swings every 5 minutes. And they can blame it on their biology. This to men, is INFURIATING. I’ve heard it a million times on blogs, in newspapers, in conversations with friends, men ranting and screaming and yelling about how biology is no excuse. So what if hormones are no excuse. Women should have better self-control than that.

Another interesting point in the post was that these unattractive brutish men that their women had turned into, needed to be tamed by men and drugs. This natural state women go into is unattractive and unacceptable. Women are not allowed this privilege of biology-blaming, they must be tamed by men, with drugs. Can you imagine a woman saying her man’s cheating, porn-watching, and wandering eye were unattractive and he needed to tame his “natural” self with drugs? The Earth would stop spinning, hell would freeze over. A man taming HIS biology with DRUGS? Well I never. It’s unnatural I say! Now take this pill to stave your anger.

So why is it that biology is only allowed as an excuse when men use it? Men use it their whole lives as an excuse to beat, rape, abuse, kill, etc… but when women use it as an excuse once per month or for 9 months while they incubate, it’s suddenly absolutely unacceptable. I feel like this kind of double standard really needs no pointing out and explaining. It should be fairly clear that biology is never an excuse for anything. Obviously it’s not truly an issue of whether biology, evolution, or hormones are to blame for anything. It’s an example of male privilege pure and simple. It’s such a ridiculous excuse, which is why women aren’t allowed to use it. It’s such a ridiculous excuse that men use it as a synonym for, “I don’t have to explain anything to any woman, I am a man and will do as I please. Fuck you.”


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