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Think again. In South Dakota there is a bill that may be passed that legally permits a person to murder an abortionist. There is a section of homicide deemed “justifiable homicide,” and it allows for things like self-defense. That is understandable, if someone is trying to kill me, I should legally be allowed to kill him to stop him killing me. Got it. But this bill would allow the murder of someone NOT intending physical harm. The meat of the bill really says that it’s considered self-defense for someone to murder someone attempting to harm their fetus.  And wait, it gets worse. Not only is it legal for a woman to kill someone for this, but it’s legal for any of her family members to do the same. So that means if a teen girl gets an abortion and her crazed fanatic dad gets wind of it, he could legally go murder the doctor and get off scot free.

So I suppose that would technically mean if you see a pregnant woman drinking or something, you’re legally allowed to murder her.

If you can believe it, there is actually significant government support for this vile puddle of bile. I thought a large part of government was to protect citizens, not enact laws encouraging their murder. This abortion crap really is just like any other war, war over land and territory and resources. It’s a war between women and the government for control of the territory known as “uterus-land” possessing the resource of baby-making.

You know that whole separation of church and state thing that’s supposed to exist? It’s bad enough as it is now that there is no more separation, but when the church starts headbutting its way so far into politics that they infringe on a person’s right to not be murdered for no fucking reason, I mean what the fuck.

Where the hell do these religious nuts get these completely insane ideas? It certainly doesn’t come from religion. I’m not religious, but I looked it up and the bible says (I can’t even believe I’m quoting the bible) that causing a woman to miscarry/performing an abortion is punishable by a fine, while murder is punishable by death. This bill would legalize murder. How can these hypocritical fanatic nut-jobs claim to protect life while pushing a bill that legalizes murder of real live human beings??? I mean it’s bad enough that the same people who believe abortion is murder support useless wars that kill thousands of innocent people, but honestly pushing to legalize murder? I mean, come ON.


Comments on: "Still think “pro-lifers” value life?" (3)

  1. This and the “Heartbeat” law here in OH make me want to cry. If this crap makes it to the Supreme court, what will happen? It frightens me.

    • Thankfully they shelved it like the redefining of rape, but goodness, they are getting way more aggressive. Someone needs to put a muzzle on these crazy pro-lifers before they get more out of hand. What’s next, physical rather than legal enslavement of all fertile women?

  2. I’m pretty sure the legislature South Dakota has better things to work on than this shit. Think of the Opportunity Costs!

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