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Amazing Story

Even a brutal gang rape is barely enough to send a man to jail for more than six months and unsurprisingly no one one listened to the “slut” at first. But this is absolutely amazing to read through. This woman is so brave for her actions.

Rape Justice After 20 Years


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  1. FAB Libber said:

    I cannot get how the college lied to her like that. They are complicit in a cover-up, that too is surely a criminal offence there.

  2. Thanks for posting the story link, Elk Ballet. What courage this woman has. Really, this was only 1985. Not that long ago, and well past what we think of as the ‘feminist’ awakening. That was a post-feminist era. There were TBTN marches, women in law schools, activism around reproductive rights, feminist and women-only staffed publications. And this.

    We’ve not won nearly what we think we have. We must remain vigilante, always believing of the woman, always supportive of the woman.

    The book that tells the true story of the movie North Country is similar in that every page, you simply cannot believe the courage of the women, the perfidy of the men and what they got away with from the lowest tradesman and labourer, to the mine CEOs, lawyers and the women’s own townsfolk and families. I recommend it. You cannot put it down once you start reading.\

    Class Action
    by Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler

    • Sounds interesting, thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely give it a read. And yes, very depressing how little we’ve won. But we should always think about how much we have won too, so we don’t get too discouraged, even if there’s been so little progress lately.

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