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Just fantasy?

Certainly not to the women and men in pornography. There is the constant possibility of STDs ranging from herpes (which lasts a lifetime) to things that can make a woman infertile all the way up to HIV. There are injuries ranging from sprains and muscle pulls up to rips and tears and including such horrifying things as rectal prolapse. There are the very porn specific diseases, such as e.coli of the throat (from pulling a penis out of a woman or man’s anus and inserting it into her or his mouth), chlamydia in the eye (from cum shots), and other various infections that can only occur from being treated as a human toilet. The average time a woman remains in porn is only three months not just from the physical toll but also from the emotional toll. Trigger warning below the break.

Women are sometimes forced to gag and vomit on a man’s penis. They are sometimes urinated or defecated on, tied up and pushed to tears, whipped, handcuffed, clamped, cut, slapped, made to sit in the middle of a group of men who ejaculate onto her face, they sometimes have their heads shoved into toilets, etc… Not to mention the extremely physically painful acts that are very “common” such as double or triple penetration, and even “just” anal sex, which the vast majority of women find extremely painful. Even Jenna Jameson reports on finding anal sex to be one of the most unpleasant things she’s ever done in porn and refuses to ever do it again. Many of these women are survivors of sexual trauma and many of these things undoubtedly remind them of their abuse. There is footage of women running off set to vomit, beginning to hyperventilate in panic, sobbing hysterically, and basically just footage of some of these women looking like they are in a state of complete terror.

I repeat, there is a reason the average length of time a woman is in porn is only three months.

So how could the argument that it’s “just fantasy” even begin to exist in someone’s mind? There is only one way that actual footage of these things happening to women could translate to “fantasy.” And that is through a process of extreme dehumanization and objectification. It is not as though they are “acting” the sex, those acts are really and truly happening to someone. The only way to think otherwise if the person watching does not see the person on screen as human. They are other, object, lesser. Anyone who uses the argument that porn is just fantasy is blatantly admitting that he does not view women in porn as human.


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  1. The real draw of porn is the violence, not the ‘sex’. Over the last 40 years we have seen porn just get more and more violent and degrading. Modern porn is basically a manual of “101 ways to humiliate and degrade a female”.

    • Yup. Porn doesn’t even really bear a resemblance to sex. I wrote this mostly as a thing to link to when people go “oh porn is just fantasy” since I’m getting a little tired of explaining it hundreds of times.

      Maybe I should have added at the end, and anyone who says porn is just fantasy is blatantly admitting they fantasize about hurting women.

    • Yeah, I do know that they keep trying the “only fantasy” angle to defend porn. When anyone (not desensitised to it) looks at it, and sees the violence and humiliation. FFS, just look at the expression on the women’s faces – fleeting expressions – that tells the truth about porn.

      But yeah, good line “so you fantasise about hurting and humiliating women then? Nice to know, I’ll keep my distance from YOU then”.

  2. What attracts men who consume porn is the eroticised male sexualised violence inflicted on women. The very fact men use their penises to inflict sexualised violence on women is because it is both ‘sex’ as defined by men and also violent sex inflicted on the woman/women. Therefore porn is eroticised male sexual violence against women. But pornographers and male consumers claim it is fantasy because pornographers and the men who buy/consume porn claim women aren’t human just men’s disposable sexual service stations. Therefore no human was harmed in the making of porn because men can’t hurt or harm something (sic) which isn’t human.

    If it was just violence then why oh why doesn’t porn just show men hitting a woman/women? Porn is filmed acts of male sexual violence against women and because porn is now malestream the male consumers constantly need yet more so-called ‘edgy’ read sadistic filmed male sexual violence against women in order to sexually satisfy the male consumers. Males who view porn experience a sexual thrill from viewing images of men subjecting women to sadistic sexual violence and it reinforces the male viewer’s belief men are innately sexually dominant over women. Many male viewers also think this is what he would like to do all those supposedly uppity women who don’t accord him respect and devotion because he happens to be male. Men view porn because it makes them feel good and reinforces their belief women aren’t human but just created to serve men in whatever way men demand 24/7.

    That is why porn has become far more sadistic because male consumers become swiftly desensitised to the ‘thrill’ (sic) of viewing a male(s) subjecting a woman to triple anal rape now the male viewers want to view images of men inserting speculums into a woman’s anus or some other form of sadistic male sexualised violence.

    Pornography has always been about the male supremacist belief that women aren’t human and exist only to serve men’s sexual needs. It is filmed male sexual dominance and filmed female sexual submission. But hey that is what male supremacy defines as ‘normal heterosexual relations is it not? Wherein men are sexually dominant and women are sexually masochistic or passive. Thgerfore ‘sex’ as defined by male supremacy is all about male sexual dominance and female sexual submission.

  3. I understand the shared opinion here but as a straight male, I TOTALLY disagree!
    I hate that there is a blanket statement case over “all males” and their reason for porn.
    I LOVE porn… I LOVE women… I don’t care for the abusive porn, I don’t care for the degrading porn. I avoid the Bang Bro. and Max Hardcore Bullshit because these assholes are misogynistic pricks. I love the naked female body, it is beautiful and I like video’s which portray women having enjoyable sex/orgasms via masturbation or normal sexual activity. I prefer amateur stuff as well because it isn’t over the top acting or attempted fantasy. I’m all about the female orgasm and having my partner experience the most awesome sexual experience she can have. I don’t concern myself with “domination” and I am not obsessed with getting myself off. I have a beautiful wife and I treat her and all females with utmost respect. The Porn I enjoy is entertainment, it isn’t a way to get out secret aggressions or pent up hate toward women.

    In regards to the comment “If it was just violence then why oh why doesn’t porn just show men hitting a woman/women?” – Hecuba

    There is porn out there with women dominating men, women hurting men, women being in power and every other sort of twisted sexual thing you can imagine. Why is everyone on here talking like the abusive anti-female porn is the only porn? I find it is something you have to look for specifically in order to find such things. On average the porn on the average site isn’t abusive or degrading in regards to heads in toilets or hitting. It’s only the Bang Bus & Max Hardcore type sites that have those things. Also the women who allow themselves to be treated in these ways, you have to question the mental state of these people as well as the misogyny side.

    • ‘ Also the women who allow themselves to be treated in these ways, you have to question the mental state of these people as well as the misogyny side.’

      Yeah, because abusing people who are mentally damaged and vulnerable makes it ok, right?

      Nice little circular argument you got going there.

      Feminists: ‘many women in porn and prostitution are there because they have been abused from an early age and have suffered mental trauma as a result.’

      Male porn users: ‘See, nothing to do with misogyny. Those bitchez just need to sort out their mental problems!’

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