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While apparently everyone in Kansas considers possessing an herb with numerous medicinal qualities to be a crime against humanity, apparently beating your partner is not a crime against humanity. Perhaps this is because humanity implies personhood and women aren’t people. In Topeka Kansas they are considering officially decriminalizing domestic violence to cut budgets. Really.

While non-dangerous crimes continue to be punished, such as marijuana possession that costs the country a ridiculously disproportionate amount of time and money to enforce, things that affect primarily women just don’t matter. If you are Topeka and are a woman, I suggest you pack a suitcase and leave. If you get beaten by your partner, too bad, it only counts if he’s a stranger. If you are sexually assaulted, the national numbers on that are against you too. I just don’t even know what else to write on this, it’s so appalling I can’t even think straight.


Comments on: "Kansas gets its priorities straight." (5)

  1. I am so sad I live anywhere near here…I’m just so disgusted.

  2. This is disgusting…when I first heard about it I didn’t even believe it. How can this be? Baffling.

  3. I could not even think straight to write anything either.
    On the plus side, for all the dudes that voted for the decriminalisation, I guess their wives hitting them over the head with a fryingpan won’t be considered a crime then?
    Oh no wait… THAT will still be a crime… only WIFEBEATING has been legalised.

  4. I’ve done court watch in Topeka, KS for a battered mom, and it’s even worse than you can imagine.

  5. Yisheng Qingwa said:

    Does Kansas allow concealed carry? Eh, like it matters anyway… I’m gonna go vaporize. I need to get baked after reading this. :/

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