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Martin Luther King jr. day

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. ~Martin Luther King jr.

I share this quote because it’s one of the most fundamental ideas of feminism. One cannot impart social justice until she can realize that it is the experiences and oppression of the collective rather than the immediate benefit to herself that is important to a movement. One cannot be a feminist if any feminist idea, social problem, or issue of oppression can be entirely dismissed with an “I” statement, a statement of personal “empowerment,” or simply a statement of personal enjoyment. This is why libertarian and liberal “feminism” cannot work and cannot further women’s rights or free women from the patriarchy. Because almost everything in that movement that is labeled as feminism is based on what gets a woman the most social reward in a patriarchal system, rather than what furthers the movement. A movement cannot be based on individualistic desires and wants, but must be based on the needs of the whole. As soon as I becomes more important than we, the movement is lost.


Comments on: "Martin Luther King jr. day" (2)

  1. Speak the truth, girl. (Somehow your blockquotes got messed up btw?)

  2. Mary Sunshine said:

    Thank you! It needs to be said agai, and again, and again.

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