Just another college girl fightin' the patriarchy


I am a second wave feminist. A radical one at that. You know the kind of feminist that people are embarrassed to associate with? The people who are the reason feminist is an insult now? Yeah that’s the kind I am.


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  1. Yay! me too. nice to meet you. and “ElkBallet” is an inspired name.

  2. Is there anywhere else I could contact you? I would really love to talk more, one-on-one.

  3. Hi, I’ve only just discovered you and have decided you’re one of my favourite blogs. You give me (and, I suspect, many others) hope. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello, I would just like to agree with Medea’s comment.

    I am in my mid fifties and last year when I discovered my husband’s obsession with porn mags had returned after ten years, I looked online for advice. I was taken completely unaware by the amount of filmed sexual violence and hatred of women freely available for viewing on the internet (yes I was naive), but I was just as surprised by the reaction of some females towards it.

    Thank you Elkballet you give me hope too.

    Incidentally I suspect there are lots of women in my age group who are only just becoming aware of the scale of this problem.

  5. Elkballet, are you on Twitter? I just saw someone retweet your post about porn and men’s actual quotes. Wow, I am amazed that there are so many feminists out there shutting other women down and defending porn when this evidence is out there. Thanks for your work.

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